Monday, September 27, 2010


I love Auburn Football. I love watching games on TV.


Nothing compares to being in the student section at Jordan-Hare. The student section never sits. The student section is never quiet. There was one game, against WVU in 2009 when it started down-pouring. Monsooning. The field flooded. The stadium emptied as fans took cover in the covered concrete corridors. The student section never moved. We all stood there in the rain waiting, singing, and cheering. Once the game recommenced about an hour later we all stood there soaked and cheered even louder for the rest of the game.
The student section is the place for heart pounding adrenaline. The promo videos on the huge HD screen ramp up the excitement, students get loud. The drumline start to play, hearts beat with them. The band runs out, everyone is cheering. The smoke comes from the tunnel, the student section goes absolutely crazy.
I have never stood in the student section without feeling the Auburn pride and sense of family. You truly cannot fathom what "Auburn family" means unless you are a part of it. Also, unless you are a part of it, the phrase "Trooper towel" means nothing, and that's too bad, because it's awesome.

some more examples of the auburn football that makes me say, "this is more than just a football team."

2010 Tiger Walk Video

Article about how awesome the Auburn Fans are to away teams...written by an opposing team student news paper.

War Eagle

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